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Limited Edition BRABUS Reaches Great Lakes

Party Boat Fishing?

You Betcha (And You’ll Save Money Too!)

5 Common Boating Mistakes

…And How To Avoid Them

The Secret To Capturing Lighthouses

Tips From A Photographer’s Perspective

Party Boat Fishing?

You Betcha (And You’ll Save Money Too!)

5 Common Boating Mistakes

…And How To Avoid Them

The Secret To Capturing Lighthouses

Tips From A Photographer’s Perspective

September 2022
Cutting-Edge Carbon Epoxy Construction. Faster. Stronger. More Fuel Efficient. typography
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530 LXF
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Carbon Epoxy Construction logo
530 LXF
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The 530 LXF is meticulously crafted with cutting-edge Carbon Epoxy Construction (Carbon Fiber/E-Glass is the main material used in the Epoxy Infusion process) and the highest-performing dual Scout Stepped Hull Technology, while simultaneously pairing it with the finest sophisticated blend of appointments and technologies.
Visit These Scout Dealers
SkipperBud’s @ North Point Marina
215 North Point Dr.,
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096

SkipperBud’s @ Grand Isle Marina
11 Harbor Island Dr.,
Grand Haven, MI 49417

SkipperBud’s @ Belle Maer Harbor
41700 Conger Bay Dr.,
Harrison Twp. MI 48045

SkipperBud’s @ Marina Del Isle
6801 East Harbor Rd.,
Marblehead, OH 43440

SkipperBud’s @ Quarterdeck Marina
705 Quarterdeck Ln., Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

SkipperBud’s Pewaukee
1030 Silvernail Rd., Pewaukee, WI 53072

Maple City Marine
680 Grand Ave. East,
Chatham Ontario N7L1X6, Canada

2531 Hwy 78 West / Summerville, SC 29483
843-821-0068 /
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The LS36 merges our luxury yacht series with our sporty bowrider series, making a game-changing new product. This comfortable bowrider is perfect for going out onto the lake for a smooth ride or hosting friends and family on the weekend. The innovative tech and thoughtful design throughout the LS36 make it easy to let the good times roll.
September 2022
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Super-Premium & Ultra Exclusive
BRABUS Shadow 900 Limited Edition Black Ops
The Limit Pusher
Wellcraft Unveils Its All-New 355
Profile: Wayne Chatfield
Lighthouse Photography Adventurers
Around The Great Lakes
Day Tripping Destinations
Common Boating Mistakes
And How To Avoid Them
Getting Prepared
Safety Gear For The Great Lakes
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Captain’s Chair, If I Were In Charge
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Fishing The Inland Seas, Party Boat Fishing
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Captain's Chair Typography
Brady Kay Headshot
If I Were In Charge
By Brady L. Kay
“In all marina drive-bys, boaters shall enjoy the right to a quick peek at those on the dock without the judgment of others including – but not limited to – spouses, friends and mothers-in-law.”

h, Labor Day weekend is upon us and it truly is my favorite boating holiday. It’s just a good excuse to get out on the boat when it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have nice weather one last time. The only downside to the September holiday is unfortunately it also means for those on the Great Lakes our season is coming to end. True, we could get lucky this fall and stretch it another month or so, but most boats end up on the hard or heading south at some point this month.

If I were put in charge I’d make some tweaks, starting with Labor Day actually being a paid four-day holiday. Sound good? While I’m at it, I have some other rules or changes I’d like to suggest:

Sailing The Great Lakes
Summertime Musings
A kid steering the boat

By Tim McKenna


he summer of 2022 certainly offered more options than the past two COVID years. It seems we’re in a “new normal” of some sort. While I did not personally get to do some of the sailing I had planned, overall, it has been (and continues to be) a good season. It is just that much of my sailing this summer was not on the Great Lakes.


It is always fun to think about things that we did ourselves, experienced, shared and observed. Kids on the water are always fun to watch. Junior sailing programs abound around the Great Lakes with the young ones starting off in Optimist Dinghies and working up to 420’s, Thistles, and other great boats for kids to learn and compete.
Social Media of The Great Lakes
FACES AND PLACES OF THE GREAT LAKES, found across our social media
Super-Premium & Ultra Exclusive BRABUS Shadow 900 Limited Edition
Black Ops reaches the Great Lakes
By Brady L. Kay
boat engine
speedboat docked
boat on the water with a skyline of skyscrapers in the back
Are you in search of a truly exclusive boat? Well look no further than the all-new BRABUS Shadow 900 Limited Edition Black Ops. Now just how limited is it? We recently had the chance to get behind the helm of just one of only 37 models that will be available worldwide this year. Now that’s exclusive! Our friends from Manitowoc Marina in Wisconsin arranged a special sea trial for us in Chicago before returning the boat back to its headquarters in Manitowoc via Lake Michigan, just a short boat cruise north from the Chicago Yacht Club. A limited number of boats being offered is one thing, but another exclusive factor of this super-premium line is this full-service marina and boatyard is actually the only dealer in the entire Great Lakes region that offers the BRABUS line of boats.

BRABUS is a German aftermarket company that makes supercars even more, well, super. It specializes in Mercedes and Maybach cars, and the company delved into the marine world a few years back and partnered with the Finnish builder Axopar. Those familiar with Axopar recognize the boat builder is known for fast, nimble vessels without a lot of frills. This partnership has drawn consumers in to see what happens when you combine Axopar’s no-nonsense style with German auto luxury and the results are stunning, including this Limited Edition BRABUS offering.

Capturing Lighthouses
Wayne Chatfield has photographed more than 250 lighthouses
Lighthouses evoke feelings of serenity and awe, and most people cannot help but be drawn to them. Wayne Chatfield is one such person who feels a strong pull toward these historic landmarks on the Great Lakes.

The Ohio local decided to take up lighthouse photography almost a decade ago on account of his love for history. He created a lighthouse photography blog and has since traveled tens of thousands of miles to visit and photograph more than 250 lighthouses.

Wayne Chatfield

Be sure to check out Wayne’s blog at If you’re interested in covered bridges, you can also find his work at
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Hampshire.
By Heather Magda Serrano
Photos by Wayne Chatfield
Capturing The Beauty
Wayne finds great beauty in the different kinds of construction and architecture in lighthouses and loves the tall brick ones that have been weathering storms for more than 100 years. Having traveled across the country visiting lighthouses, some of his favorites are in North Carolina, Maine and Michigan.

“People don’t realize that the state with the most lighthouses is actually Michigan,” noted Wayne.

The Limit Pusher
Wellcraft unveils its all-new 355
By Roy Sparks
inside view of boat table and booth
interior view of seating area and driving seats
outside view of window
boat driving through the water
Destined to be the talk of the dock at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show at the end of October, the all-new Wellcraft 355 is already turning heads. At the annual fall show it will make its first U.S. public appearance and the 36-foot performance and adventure boat is ready to push the limits with its versatility. With several Wellcraft dealers dotting the Great Lakes region, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing a lot of this new model come next summer.
Performance DNA
For longer than six decades, the iconic brand has made a name for itself by building quality boats designed for offshore boating with a strong history of power and performance.
Around The Great Lakes
Around The Great Lakes
By Heather Magda Serrano
Day Tripping
Fun day trip destinations around the Great Lakes
By Heather Magda Serrano
There’s nothing like a scenic day trip on the Great Lakes. Exploring different destinations along the shoreline is some of the best fun a boater can have. So where do you plan to go next?

If you’re unsure of where to go, then never fear because we’ve got you covered. We’ve already done all the leg work of finding some fun spots for you to check out around each of the Great Lakes. Whether you’re interested in history, parks, food, entertainment or shopping, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at these destinations. So check it out!

History Lessons
If you’re a history buff, you won’t want to skip Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich., on Lake Michigan. This city is home to the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House, which tells the story of a prominent American family who were cultural, social and economic leaders in an era of great optimism coupled with a turbulent time of economic depression and war.
Lake Lore

To The Bitter End

Remaining aboard the sinking SS Hesper

By Ryan Beaty

Fossils are the greatest gateway into pre-history that we have today. To find physical proof of a long-extinct living organism is something of a significance that cannot be overstated. From the greatest of tyrannosaurus-rex skulls to the smallest of trilobites, their fossils are a tangible testament of their historical existence, each of them saying, “I was here.” And this goes for more than just fossils, but the skeletons of sunken ships too!

The number of shipwrecks throughout the Great Lakes is almost “unfathomable,” and so is the number of explorable shipwrecks. And in Lake Superior, just along the Silver Bay Harbor of Minnesota, is a ship known as the SS Hesper with an interesting history. With the cold fresh water of the Great Lakes having the perfect conditions for preserving the condition of sunken wooden ships, the remains of the Hesper are no less than the fossils of a ship just waiting for divers to come explore her ruins.

sunken ship named SS Hesper

By Vann Burgess
U.S. Coast Guard, Boating Safety Division

5 Common

Boating Mistakes…

And How To Avoid Them

If you’re new to boating – or even if you’re not – it’s easy to make simple mistakes that may have serious consequences on the water. Almost always boating errors are caused by being in a hurry, not paying attention, or both, and most of them are more embarrassing than anything else; for example, failing to tie up the anchor before tossing it over the side or jumping from the boat to the dock and ending up in the water instead.

But the upside to these kinds of errors is that you can easily avoid them by taking a basic boating course, staying focused and always completing a pre-departure checklist. Never assume somebody pulled up the anchor, put in the boat plug or…well, you name it. Under rules established by the U.S. Coast Guard, a vessel operator is always responsible for his or her actions. Here are five of the most common boating errors and some thoughts on how to avoid them.

Staying Safe
Safety gear for the Great Lakes
Safety gear
By Heather Magda Serrano
The Great Lakes are far from your average lakes. They’re more like small oceans, and as such they can be fairly treacherous, especially if you’re unprepared.

Safety should always be at the top of your list of priorities as boaters. Here are some products to help keep you safe out there on the inland seas.

Bombora Adventurer PFD Belt Type III
As United States Coast Guard Approved Type III PFDs, Bombora’s inflatable PFD belts make a perfect match for Great Lakes boaters. The 24 is a larger flotation device fit with a traditional life jacket design. Whatever your plans are for the Great Lakes, these belts fit the bill, whether you’re simply cruising around or exploring in a kayak. 

Bombora’s PFDs are non-restrictive and provide a more comfortable and cooler fit than bulky, foam life jackets while still providing full safety. All you have to do is pull the manual pull-cord which then activates a CO2 gas cartridge which inflates the belt into a full life jacket. The belt also features a zippered pocket, D-ring attachments for small accessories and soft, breathable neoprene-style liner.

Bombora Adventurer PFD Belt Type III
Bombora Adventurer PFD Belt Type III - Expanded
Fishing The Inland Seas

Head Boats Offer A Walk-On Fishing Party

A portrait photograph of the Erie, Pa.-based Perch Pirate docked at sunset
The Erie, Pa.-based Perch Pirate is popular among party-boat anglers who want to catch a mess of “Great Lakes Gold.”
By Dan Armitage
An inexpensive option for getting out on the water, catching some fish, and making new friends – or being joined by a dozen or two of your own – is to book a trip aboard a head boat, also known as “party” boats because of the number of anglers they can accommodate, the size of the boat, and social atmosphere that results. Head boats are popular among fishermen who target schooling gamefish such as yellow perch and walleyes, as well as snappers and mackerel in saltwater.

Also referred to as drift boats, since the large craft often drift with the wind and current over the schools of fish, such group charters are much less expensive than booking aboard traditional “six pack” charter boats, which average $450 per day per person for up to six anglers. Head boats, also known as “walk on” charters because often you can walk on to join the party without a reservation, offer 6- to 8-hour trips for as little as $50-$75 per person. Some offer two trips per day and even night fishing when conditions are right, and can accommodate two dozen anglers or more depending on the size of the vessel.

Lighthouses Of The Great Lakes
Salmon River Lighthouse
By Iris Corbet
Photo by Wayne Chatfield

ttracted by the plentiful runs of Lake Ontario Atlantic Salmon in the river of Selkirk, N.Y., early settlers of the 1800s dubbed it the Salmon River. During the inspection for the potential construction of piers, a government engineer then determined the river mouth had enough depth and breadth for anchoring around 30 ships in the early 1830s. Thus, the Salmon River Lighthouse came to be.

Just after completing the construction of the lighthouse, two piers were built with lengths of over a thousand feet at the mouth of the Salmon River in order to improve the harbor. The plan was to connect the Salmon River to the Hudson River with a canal via Lake Oneida and the Erie Canal.

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